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      The system generated troubles that cause keypad beeping needs to be able to be silenced with the * key as is typical with most systems.  It is not user intuitive to require a code, etc. to silence those beeps.  Also, non system critical troubles should not beep indefinitely.  A missing zwave switch should not wake up a user in the middle of the night.  Perhaps toggling of various trouble types as to audibly alert or not would be appropriate.  Some systems allow “beep on trouble” to be turned off.

      Michael Burrell

        John – The decision to require a pin to code off troubles was due to UL Listing preparations for commerical requirements. We do plan to expand the options to include disabling this requirement and audiable trouble beeps in general.

        The Keypad are equiped with a “Quite Time” Option that is ON by default. Quite time is configurable but we default it to run from 11pm to 6am. During this time, trouble beeps are silent. You can view this in Keypad Settings. It is configuable per keypad in the event you what a bedroom keypad to be quite at different times than a entry keypad.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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