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    Robert Brown

      Does anyone know of a wireless water sensor that can still be used with the m1?  My usual go-to water sensor from Interlogix 60-744-95r is no longer available and the other one that I knew of from Interlogix was the TX-E611, which is also no longer available.

      I was also looking at the ELK-6021 Window sensor, and I’m thinking of removing the reed switch and just soldering wires to the board that would then connect to a water probe and use that.  Any thoughts?



      Brad Weeks

        If using the M1XRFEG or M1XRF319 Wireless Receivers you can use the ELK 319DG  All Weather Door / Gate and hardwire an eternal contact. If using the M1XFFTWM then use the ELK 6022 Universal 3-Zone and hard wire a contact


        Robert Brown

          Thanks Brad.  I’m using the FTWM, so just got the 6022 and wired LP1 to a normally open water contact sensor.  Issue is that without any water contact, the zone is naturally in a violated state.  Is there a way to configure a wireless zone so that normally open is NOT violated?

          Brad Weeks

            Under Wireless Setup check OPT 2

            Robert Brown

              Thanks!  I Did not know that that I could reverse a wireless sensor like that.  My new water sensor is a combination of the 6022 and a water sensor from here: Floor Water Leak Sensor – Level Sense (by Sump Alarm Inc.) (level-sense.com)



              Robert Brown

                This post is an oldie…


                Looking at deploying more 6022 sensors, for water detection, and sensor will normally be in an open state, and tried to check off on Option 2 in the wireless setup section to flip status to Normal when open.  When I view Status in the RP software, this zone shows as Violated.  Any way to have this show as normal when circuit is open and Violated when circuit is closed?

                Robert Brown

                  Ignore my previous message.  After enabling option 2, it took maybe 30 mins or so before the devices flipped from Violated to Normal.

                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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