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    Robert Brown

      Does anyone know of a wireless water sensor that can still be used with the m1?  My usual go-to water sensor from Interlogix 60-744-95r is no longer available and the other one that I knew of from Interlogix was the TX-E611, which is also no longer available.

      I was also looking at the ELK-6021 Window sensor, and I’m thinking of removing the reed switch and just soldering wires to the board that would then connect to a water probe and use that.  Any thoughts?



      Brad Weeks

        If using the M1XRFEG or M1XRF319 Wireless Receivers you can use the ELK 319DG  All Weather Door / Gate and hardwire an eternal contact. If using the M1XFFTWM then use the ELK 6022 Universal 3-Zone and hard wire a contact


        Robert Brown

          Thanks Brad.  I’m using the FTWM, so just got the 6022 and wired LP1 to a normally open water contact sensor.  Issue is that without any water contact, the zone is naturally in a violated state.  Is there a way to configure a wireless zone so that normally open is NOT violated?

          Brad Weeks

            Under Wireless Setup check OPT 2

            Robert Brown

              Thanks!  I Did not know that that I could reverse a wireless sensor like that.  My new water sensor is a combination of the 6022 and a water sensor from here: Floor Water Leak Sensor – Level Sense (by Sump Alarm Inc.) (level-sense.com)



            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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