M1 Support Forum Thermostats not enabled on keypad Reply To: Thermostats not enabled on keypad

Trenton Wilson

    I connected a 485/422 Usb adapter on the 485 side of the 8811 and in terminal window I can see the XSP sending inquiries when I do a enroll or reboot of the elk to my thermostats and the thermostats respond with all their info  it cycles through all 7 of the thermostats periodically the thermostats send a update which the terminal sees, and the xsp light when I send a command to my thermostats via the terminal window but the elk still shows thermostats not enabled on keypad and unable to communicate either direct via the elk m1togo app, it sees what I typed into the Thermostats name but all zeros and not responses  from commands

    what do I need to do to the elk to enable my thermostats?


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