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    Trenton Wilson
      1. I suspected that the xsp was talking to the thermostats as it blinks like it is when I boot it up every time for some reason it not sending that to the M1 but the M1 was able to connect and update the firm and it added to the device list with out issue but thermostat info doesn’t get to the M1
      Trenton Wilson

        ok hooked it back up started with one thermostat, and the light blinked like it always does on the 8811 just less the key pad still states not enabled

        and of course the thermostats also showed communication loss while I had the XSP disconnected from them that error cleared as soon as I reconnected the 8811 back on the XSP

        but it is like the XSP is not making the Bridge between the 8811 and the M1 is there any way to test if a command is getting across from the 232 to 485 vice versa?

        Brad Weeks

          If you’d like we can make arrangements to send the M1XSP to ELK for evaluation. Forward your request to techsupport@elkproducts.com



          Trenton Wilson

            I broke Down and bought another M1XSP and it acting just like the other one other then I got sporadic reading from a couple of units figure the older firmware was the issue so I updated to the 1.0.50 firmware now nothing at all it behave exactly like the first one so I am back to the Aprilaire is no longer supported

            Trenton Wilson

              I connected a 485/422 Usb adapter on the 485 side of the 8811 and in terminal window I can see the XSP sending inquiries when I do a enroll or reboot of the elk to my thermostats and the thermostats respond with all their info  it cycles through all 7 of the thermostats periodically the thermostats send a update which the terminal sees, and the xsp light when I send a command to my thermostats via the terminal window but the elk still shows thermostats not enabled on keypad and unable to communicate either direct via the elk m1togo app, it sees what I typed into the Thermostats name but all zeros and not responses  from commands

              what do I need to do to the elk to enable my thermostats?


              Brad Weeks

                When the Thermostat sends it temperature reading to the M1 then the “Not Enable” will change to the temperature reading from the Thermostat.

                Trenton Wilson

                  Thermostats are reporting their Temperatures and the elk still shows not enabled I disconnected  the Data wire and left the power wire and the xsp just cycles through the C commands on all 7 thermostats,

                  I swapped the data wires and got the same results, I reconnected the data wire proper  and and the thermostats went through and reported everything including  their Temperatures as per usual and the last thing it lands on is netlk and I tried both enabled and disable and get not enabled  on the keypad on both configurations  so what do I need to configure on the elk to get it to enable the thermostats?

                  Trenton Wilson

                    Okay I tied into the Elk side of the Data port and without knowing the port settings I get gibberish but it is crazy busy I disconnected the keypad the only other thing on the data port except the m1xsp and traffic did not stop or even slow down it seems the m1xsp is flooding the data port even with the 8811 disconnected does not change the behavior of the stream is this normal behavior?

                    Trenton Wilson

                      well I guess that was a colossal mistake thinking that ELK would work as claimed with aprilaire as from what I learned is that the thermostats  do report everything and can be controlled VIA putty terminal at the 232 side of the 8811 so that rules out the thermostats being a issue, the M1XSP sends its commands to the thermostats and the thermostats send back all data including temperature  verified via monitoring the traffic Via Putty on the 485 side of the 8811 showing the requests from the M1XSP and the responses from the thermostats so that part is working, connecting to the elk side of the M1XSP shows alot of Traffic though nothing that can be read via the putty terminal suspect incorrect port settings on the port on the computer with putty, played around a bit trying to stumble on to the correct settings to no avail. Though I did learn that without the ELK M1 in the data loop the XSP does not request the temperature from the thermostats thus leads me to think that the M1 is talking to the xsp and able to send requests.

                      Since no one can tell me how to configure the ELK m1 to receive the thermostats responses leads me to believe that the ELK product does not work with aprilaire as claimed

                      so I guess I chalk this up as a fail

                      Brad Weeks

                        Unless AprilAire made a recent change to their protocol the AprilAire 8800 Thermostats are still compatible with the ELK M1 System. If you would like to send a copy of the data captured during the Putty Terminal session we will be glad to review. Send to techsupport@elkproducts.com . If you’d like to send us one of your M1XSP’s and one AprilAire 8800 Thermostat we will be glad to test as well.

                        Trenton Wilson

                          what is the port settings,  IE com speed and other settings for the ELK M1 Gold or the log I send will be gibberish


                          Brad Weeks

                            The Baud Rate should be 9600 and you will need a Null Modem cable from the M1XSP Serial Port to your PC.

                            Please verify your current setup — For the AprilAire Thermostats you will need the 8800 Thermostat(s) and the AprilAire 8811 Protocol Adapter. The M1XSP will need to be configured:

                            • M1XSP set to address #1 and enrolled. In ElkRP2 under the Send/Rcv Icon verify under Serial Port Expanders (Type 5) the M1XSP is set to Address #1 and the Firmware is 1.0.50.
                            • M1XSP Firmware Factory Default 1.0.50
                            • Jumpers S1 – S3 Baud do not matter and all can be in the down (0) position — or set it to 9600 (1, 0, 1)
                            • Jumpers S5 – S8 — S5 UP (1), S6 down (0), S7 UP (1), S8 down (0)
                            • JP3 Jumper set to RS232 (Left and Center pins)
                            • Connect the Serial Cable included with the AprilAire 8811 Protocol Adapter from the M1XSP Serial Port to jack “C” on the AprilAire 8811 Protocol Adapter.
                            • The address for each 8800 Thermostat will need to be set 1-7 per the AprilAire Instructions
                            Trenton Wilson

                              nope that I already did and I verified all that brad

                              What I am Looking for is the Settings of the port coming off the ELK M1 GOLD that ties it to the XSP so I can log the data flow between the M1 Gold and the XSP



                              Brad Weeks

                                The M1G’s communications with the M1XSP on the RS485 data bus is a proprietary binary protocol. We don’t give out the information regarding the data on the RS485 data bus. Please forward a copy of the data from the M1XSP Serial Port and a copy of your M1 Programming — with the Account open click File, Export Account, save to your desktop, attach to an email and send it to techsupport@elkproducts.com

                                Trenton Wilson

                                  okay log sent and account info sent

                                  I connected into the my 485/422 side of my 8811 so I could monitor both directions of communication from the xsp and the thermostats as the log show they are reporting their Temperatures but the M1 Still does not acknowledge they are enabled

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