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Trenton Wilson

    well I guess that was a colossal mistake thinking that ELK would work as claimed with aprilaire as from what I learned is that the thermostats  do report everything and can be controlled VIA putty terminal at the 232 side of the 8811 so that rules out the thermostats being a issue, the M1XSP sends its commands to the thermostats and the thermostats send back all data including temperature  verified via monitoring the traffic Via Putty on the 485 side of the 8811 showing the requests from the M1XSP and the responses from the thermostats so that part is working, connecting to the elk side of the M1XSP shows alot of Traffic though nothing that can be read via the putty terminal suspect incorrect port settings on the port on the computer with putty, played around a bit trying to stumble on to the correct settings to no avail. Though I did learn that without the ELK M1 in the data loop the XSP does not request the temperature from the thermostats thus leads me to think that the M1 is talking to the xsp and able to send requests.

    Since no one can tell me how to configure the ELK m1 to receive the thermostats responses leads me to believe that the ELK product does not work with aprilaire as claimed

    so I guess I chalk this up as a fail

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