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    Ira Broussard

      Assume I have an existing smoke alarm system consisting of multiple 4-wire smoke detectors with sounders (System Sensor 4WTA-B’s) daisy chained on the same M1 zone (with EOL relay, etc.) that works fine.

      If I add several 2-way wireless smokes (ELK-6052 and/or ELK-6053), can M1 be set up so that any smoke detector tripping causes all detector alarms (wired and wireless) to sound in tandem? I would like all the detectors (including wireless) to act as if they were a single set of wired detectors on a single zone.

      Ira Broussard

        Bumping to see if I can get a response.



        Brad Weeks

          To cause the System Sensor 4WTA-B Smoke Detectors to all sound you will need either the System Sensor RRS MOD or the System Sensor COSMOD2W Interface Module in order to reverse the voltage polarity on the smoke detectors so they all will start sounding.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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