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    Jerry Hancock

      I have recently installed a wireless configuration. I have recently placed carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors, none of which will trigger the main alarm system. I have tried everything to my knowledge, but to no avail. I have two 6051 monoxide detectors and two 6052 smokes, but neither will trigger both detectors or the main alarm. I must be looking over something, but I do not know what it could be.

      Brad Weeks

        Please make sure you have the ELK M1XRFTWM Transceiver set to Address #2 and enrolled. Under the Wireless Setup for each Zone make sure the Enabled box is checked, verify you’ve entered the TxID for each sensor and the LOOP equals 2

        Jerry Hancock

          Thanks Brad. I have it working. Mistake on my part. I do have one more question. When I test the smokes and trigger the main alarm, I can clear the voice warning on a keypad, but unable to clear the individual smoke detector alarms. I ended up having to shut down the system for a bit to get them to reset. I’m sure it’s a personal problem I am overlooking.

          Thanks for all your insight.

          Brad Weeks

            Enter your Code to Silence the Alarm and then enter your Code a second time to acknowledge the alarm which should clear the message from the keypad. If multiple sensors caused alarms you may have to enter your Code several times.

            Jerry Hancock

              Thanks Brand. Over the years, you have been such a great help. Everything is now working great!!

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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