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    Manuel Escobar

      It was my first time setting up an E27, so running a hardwired network to the upstairs closet was a challenge, so I decided to go with the AEWF (Wireless Interface). So, I got it set up, and seem to work while I was doing the programming. Then, when setting up the client’s app, it kept popping up Unable to Connect to Cloud. I called tech support to ensure there was nothing wrong on their end. They notice latency on the network. The wireless router is 15 feet away from the AEWF. It just seems odd that it was getting slow speed. I decided to hardwire the network. Once connected, it was like night and day in speed and doing updates on the KP. What I think maybe the issue is the network has one wifi name that uses 2.4G and 5G, and possibly it was causing problems with the AEWF since it only has 2.4G. Or I had a bad AEWF

      P.S. I was also using the external antenna..

      Michael Burrell


        I greatly appreciate your working with us to troubleshoot this issue. From my experience in the field, these dual-band networks can be tricky for the device/router to identify each other and can cause unwanted behavior or no connectivity. Thank you for sharing your details as it is very helpful.

        Could you possibly provide the make and model of the Wi-Fi Router? It would be helpful in gaining a greater understanding of the issue that the system was encountering.



        Manuel Escobar

          Mike, It is a Eero Network.

          David Schulze

            Eero could be part of the issue. From what I have been told Eero mesh creates VLANs to mesh the AP’s and this can cause issues. I have heard also has issues with Eero when attempting to stream cameras to 2GIG or Qolsys keypads. We do very little Residential so we have not ran into this issue.

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