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      Over the past few weeks, a critical issue with eKeypad was identified and resolved but not before causing a significant impact to most eKeypad installs. The issue originated from a combination of eKeypad and Apple iOS updates that prevented configuration files from being loaded. The nature of the issue also caused internal corruption requiring a clean re-install to fix.

      How to Fix the Issue
      eKeypad version 3.4.12 is required to resolve the issue. An additional procedure is also required to remove any possible data corruption and restore proper functionality.  It is important that a clean install of version 3.4.12 is performed by removing eKeypad from the device and re-downloading it from the App Store. Be sure your backup files have been archived to mail before start the re-install process.

      If you or any of your customers are still experiencing issues or you need assistance resolving this issue, please contact eKeypad Support at support@ekeypad.net

      More Information from the Developer
      Prior to this event, eKeypad has not experienced a critical issue of this size. We always aimed for high quality assurance and testing to verify each release, but this issue could not be identified in advance. Our lack of insight into the Apple iOS release allowed end-users to be directly impacted, which we do not consider acceptable.

      As a result of our internal analysis of the event, several areas in eKeypad have been identified for improvement. This includes enhancements to both our business processes and the application itself. The business process extensions will allow us to communicate with you more quickly and effectively in the future. The new application features will simplifying routine actions and automate backup file management.

      The improvements are listed below. Our analysis is rigorous and additional improvements may be added based on further testing and feedback. The first four items are already live in eKeypad today. The additional improvements will go live in upcoming updates.

      1.Installer Registry. We are asking all installers to register on our web site. This will allow us to communicate important information and is required to enable other enhancements we are making in the application to simplify and automate routine functions.

      2.Hot Spare. This is just a fancy word for a backup copy. At launch, if the configuration file can be validated, a copy will be created. If the main configuration file is corrupted, the backup copy can be activated to restore the configuration data.

      3. Release Quarantine. Going forward, updates will enter a period of quarantine after both Beta testing and Apple approvals have finished. This time will be used for an additional round of real-world testing prior to release.

      4.Expanded Testing. In addition to the existing Beta program available to installers, we are expanding pre-release access to end-users who are interested. For most updates, they will gain access to updates during the quarantine period.

      5. Automatic Backups. Creating backup files will no longer be recommended. Backup
      files will be automatic by default, unless action is taken to prevent it.

      6. Barcode Backups. Optionally, a special barcode can automatically create and upload an encrypted backup to the cloud. Rescanning the barcode later will restore the backup.

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