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    Adam Fenn

      Is there a clean way to allow M1G rules to control Alexa?


      I’ve found a convoluted method.  Here it is…


      1. I make the M1G send an email message to a Gmail account.

      2. That account applies a label to incoming messages that match the M1G’s hard-coded subject line.

      3. I have a script that is to run every minute, which parses the thread matching the above label.

      4. It extracts the body of the message and executes a Voice Monkey call to Alexa via a RESTFUL API call.

      5. That call executes a routine on Alexa, which does whatever I want.


      It’s convoluted, but it seems to work ok.  I’d love to have a more direct integration though.




      Bob Warshawski

        What is the utility of this?

        What do you get Alexa to do?


        Bob in Canmore

        Adam Fenn

          I have her arm a zone when it’s idle.  I have her set the thermostat back.  I have her make announcements.  You could do whatever you want her to do.

          Adam Fenn

            I misspoke.  I don’t have her arm a zone when it’s idle.  The M1G can do that by itself.  I have her set a light to tell me the armed/disarmed status in a zone where I don’t have a keypad.  There’s no keypad because I don’t have wire to that facility, but I can reach it with wireless networking and wireless zones.

            Bob Warshawski

              Thanx Adam!


              Is there a document that explains how to interact with Alexa?



            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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