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    Douglas Burke

      My Elk M1 Gold has two M1KP2 LCD keypads and associated SP12F speakers all set up to provide voice messages when arming, disarming, etc.  For the past decade and a half there has been only a slight barely noticeable hissing (more like low white noise) in the background when these voice messages were broadcast (not problematic), yet as of a couple of weeks ago we now hear a very noticeable buzzing in the background on broadcast, in both speakers.

      I haven’t made any changes whatsoever to my system for perhaps half a year and this buzzing is noticeably the same on both speakers.

      Anyone have any ideas on what could be causing this?

      Brad Weeks

        Are the speaker wires ran in close proximity to 120/220 VAC lines? Disconnect the existing speakers and connect one directly to the OUTPUT 1 and test. The system could have taken a slight surge which may have damaged the onboard amplifier.

        Douglas Burke

          Hi Brad, it took a while and a very long afternoon, and here’s what I got.

          • As far as I know, neither of the speaker wires run near a 120/220 VAC line.  I also had made no wiring changes anywhere within at least several months prior to the start of this buzzing.
          • I disconnected both speaker wires and connected them one at a time to OUTPUT 1 and tested.  The buzzing was present in each test.
          • I also noticed that the M1 panel itself is now buzzing…I had never noticed that before.  Listening closer, I further head a distinct buzzing coming from the TRG-1640. Thus, I tried some additional tests.
          • I unplugged the TRG-1640 from power.  Testing the speakers on battery power, they were no longer buzzing.  Indeed, they sounded exactly as they were supposed to.  Further, the panel no longer buzzed.
          • I disconnected the TRG-1640 from the panel, and plugged it into 120 VAC.  There was still a buzzing, yet significantly reduced from when also connected to the panel.  I’d call it more of a “hum”.
          • I reconnected the TRG-1640 to the panel, and through the use of a long extension cord, connected it to a completely separate 120 VAC outlet (on an entirely different circuit breaker).  The distinct buzzing in the speakers, the panel and the TRG-1640 were still present.
          • One last thing I noticed in all this testing was that with the TRG-1640 connected to the panel, after I plug it into 120 VAC I initially, for a few seconds, hear only the significantly reduced buzzing (the hum) in the TRG-1640.  It’s only after a few seconds does that hum increase to a more distinct buzz, and at the same time the panel starts buzzing about the same volume.

          Could my problem be in the TRG-1640 perhaps?  Could it just be so old that it’s now causing the buzzing in both the panel and on the speakers?

          Douglas Burke

            I replaced the TRG-1640 with a brand new one.  Same buzzing in both places.  I guess I have to live with it.

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