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    Gary Sabot

    What is the best way to install ElkRP2 on a new Windows 10 computer
    and hand it data such as ElkAcct2.mdb and maybe Ops2.mdb files, so the
    computer will have a working RP, ready to communicate with my various

    I could create a C:\ProgramData\RP directory, copy all the contents
    (or just specific files?) over from my old windows 7 machine (which is
    running RP 2.0.8), then install the new RP version 2.0.40. Would that

    Or should do a clean install of RP 2.0.40 first, then move some or all
    of the files from that directory on the old machine over to new
    location on the new machine (what directory?), and then possibly do
    something like open database to read it/convert it, followed by save
    database which puts it where RP wants it?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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