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    Mike Pol


      I disconnected and reconnected M1 Gold and C1M1 from power, and now getting error E07 on C1M1.

      The panel is showing “ethernet trouble” and “fail to commun”.

      C1m1 LED is showing “E07 B3”. The top green light is solid green, ElkLink is solid orange, and Lan light is blinking green.

      A few days ago it started to show only “fail to commun”, that why I decided to restart the system, but now not getting ethernet access either.

      I see that C1M1 got the same IP address and I can ping it.

      If I understand correctly, E07 might mean that C1m1 cannot communicate to M1 Gold board.

      Any suggestion on what to do or how to troubleshoot?

      Brad Weeks

        Please power down just the C1M1 for about 30 seconds, power back up to see if this clears the E07 message


        Mike Pol

          It did work.

          For some reason this did not work earlier.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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