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    William Edwards

      I have a Elk M1 Gold installed in a Remote Amateur Astronomical Observatory.  One of the functions that it performs is to turn Devices in the Observatory on/off.  Everything has been working fine for years, until yesterday.  Now I can’t turn any device on/off, but I can use ELKRP to connect to the M1 and have verified that I can connect to the XSP interface.  It acts like there is something wrong with the RS232 Interface (M1EZ8MSI), but if so why can the ELKRP and ELKRMS program connect to the M1?  I can also PING the M1 (XSP) successfully.

      Any Idea what may be wrong and/or how to troubleshoot it to a component?


      Brad Weeks

        If ElkRp2 and the RMS Software connect and receive feedback I don’t believe there is an issue with the M1EZ8MSI. While connected with ElkRP2 under Rules if you highlight a Rule that turns ON or Off a device and click TEST does the “THEN Statements” within that rule activate?

        William Edwards

          I started ELKRP2, loaded the database, connected to the M1 and then went to the rules.  But TEST is grayed out for all the rules.
          I also have tried controlling devices using M1-to-go  and eKeypad app on my iPhone.  Neither program can turn on/off any devices and they both were working fine a couple of days ago.


          Bill Edwards


          Brad Weeks

            Under the Send/Rcv Icon, Enroll/Update Control and Devices is the M1XOVR enrolled? If not click Enroll. If the M1XOVR shows enrolled then try controlling the Outputs

            William Edwards

              It does not show a M1XOVR.

              It shows the M1g, M1KP and M1XEP only.


              William Edwards

                Any other ideas or suggestions to try?

                I’m driving up to my Observatory on Friday where this hardware is installed.  Observatory is “Offline” until the issue can be resolved as I can’t control any of the hardware via UPB Modules or Relays.
                I was hoping if it was a hardware issue, that I’d be able to order and receive the component prior to the drive up.

                Thanks for any help you may be able to offer.


              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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