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    kevin livesay

      i have had a very stable system for over 10 years, i have one motion zone that has false alarmed multiple times over the last 6 months, i have moved the motion, I replaced/upgraded and i only have issues with this one location.  I finally thought I would just add a second motion to the room and add to a cross zone pool.  I am not getting the behavior I would expect from this feature.  Are there any good documentation or does anyone know if the following behavior is expected?


      Cross zone pool set for two motions set Burglar perimeter instant, only two in the pool and i have turned off cross zone self verify in globals.  I set it to verify time of 20 seconds.

      the problem, the keypads beep during the cross zone verify time of 20 seconds which defeats the point if the motion goes off at 3 in the morning when we are sleeping.  I also have to do more testing but i think alarm monitoring company calls me during this time (I need to test this one more time).  The alarm is not going off unless the second motion is triggered but if i can’t silence the cross zone verification beeping on both keypads, this won’t be a fix for my flaky zone.  I use the same honeywell motion in 12 other rooms without issues.

      I can update any of the following:

      M1G boot version 3.3.2

      M1G firmware version 5.2.10

      M1XEP is communicating with monitoring company.

      Thanks for any and all help.  This zone is driving me nuts.


    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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