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    John Shamper


      Recently I have been reading a number of posts on various websites (including ELK Products) regarding the ELK E27 Alarm Engine being the future direction of ELK Products.  I have had an ELK-M1G two-way wireless system in my home for the last 12 years and at times needed to replace components or update the system.  As a retired security system installer I am very familiar with various brands and their capabilities so I am able to install and program a number of different systems.  I have read that the new ELK E27 Alarm Engine is a ‘locked down’ system that will not be sold directly to owners, only to currently licenced installers who own or work for a security company.  In addition the ability to install and program the new system is limited to those companies that have registered with ELK and is a cloud based solution which requires a monthly subscription fee.

      I am quite satisfied with my ELK-M1G system and the features that it offers.  My concern is that with the new ELK E27 Alarm Engine being the future for ELK at some point the older ELK-M1G system will no longer be supported and the various components and sensors will be discontinued.  The ELK-M1G is a premium system and I have there has been a significant cost to purchase and maintain it.  The new ELK E27 Alarm Engine apparently uses different protocols and therefore the sensors and components are not compatible with the ELK-M1G.  If the ELK-M1G is to be discontinued and the new system is not available to owners there seems to be no point in continuing with the ELK-M1G if it will soon be obsolete.  It may be time to replace the system with another brand such as DSC that can be user installed and maintained.  Is there any commitment by ELK Products to continue sales and support of the older products at least for a few more years into the future?

      Brad Weeks


        (A word from the President of ELK Products Mike Burrell post https://www.elkproducts.com/forums/topic/why-the-move-from-m1g-to-e27/ )  When we did our evaluation of the market a few years ago, it was determined that we needed to create a product that could be more competitive with mid-size app-controlled systems with some smart home/business automation. As I am sure you have seen, most companies are targeting this market with a self-contained all-in-one system, we gave that some thought but we also wanted this product to gracefully accommodate a retrofit application. After some deliberation, we decided to move forward with traditionally based hybrid control with direct app integration as well as smart device control. The E-27 Alarm Engine is a traditional hybrid control with features that users were drawn to in the self-contained type control market that is not intended to replace or compete for a market share of the M1 Gold.

        The new Alarm Engine is more than just a new E27 control, it’s a new platform. In order to support the needs of the market, the Alarm Engine platform was created. To provide the seamless app support and remote connectivity that our installers are requesting, cloud integration was created as part of the platform. Cloud utilization will make this product simpler for the masses, but it is not a requirement if remote connectivity is not needed.

        I will note that when we set out to create the M1 Gold we never intended it for the enthusiast market, but we are aware that there are some people out there like yourself that have installed in their personal homes and enjoyed it.  That said, we design and market our products to industry professionals.


        The ELK M1 Gold is ELK’s Premium Platform Control for High End Security and Automation . ELK will continue to offer, support and enhance the M1 System for many years to come. When the time comes the research and development that allowed ELK to create the Alarm Engine Platform and E27 Control will help us to create the next generation of M1 Gold Control..

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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