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    Hugo Lyppens

      Hello, what is the easiest procedure for doing a like-for-like exchange of an M1 Gold panel for a replacement M1 Gold panel? I have my account in ElkRP and also exported my account to an *.exp file. My M1XEP stays as well as all RS485 modules. I will just swap the main panel. I would like to transfer all zones, rules, settings, users, bus enrollments (keypads, zone extenders) etc. in one fell swoop to the new panel.

      Apologies if this is a FAQ. I checked the M1 Gold FAQ list but did not find it there.

      Brad Weeks

        Open your ElkR2 Account, on the Account Details page change the Serial Number to match the new panel, connect to the system (M1XEP or Serial connection), click OK to the Conflicts, at the bottom of the page within the Conflicts screen click Select ALL and Click “Send Checked Items to System” , once complete click the Send/Rcv Icon, click Enroll/Update Control and Device, click Enroll and once the Enrollment is complete you are ready to start testing.


        Hugo Lyppens

          Thanks. Will try it this weekend.

          Hugo Lyppens

            It worked! Hopefully the fault causing spontaneous reboots was in the panel, not somewhere else in the system. If it runs for months without problems I will be happy.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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