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    I currently have 4 Elk speakers (3 SP12F and Elk-73) connected to an Elk M1G. I’d like the ability to only have certain speakers announce certain events. I can use some Elk-800 Amplifiers and I also have a whole house audio system to add additional speaker options. What’s the best way to do this? I can possibly add some speakers and/or reconfigure the wiring if necessary to keep the speaker load at the proper level. I see that the speaker level output can be converted to line level as detailed here: https://www.elkproducts.com/m1_line_level_out.html If I do the line level conversion, can I still have speakers connected directly to output 1? Or does all audio need to be run through this line level output? Can I split the line level output to multiple Elk-800s and my whole home audio system? I also thought I read somewhere that it’s possible to connect to J7 on the panel – I’m not using two-way listen in. Is there a way to use the J7 output? Thanks in advance for any advice on the best way to approach this.

    ELK Tech Support

    Output 1 on the M1 System is global to all 8 Areas as far as Alarms, System Events, System Troubles, Spoken Voice messages, etc. It will be very difficult to try and select only certain speakers to be active in order to only speak certain messages. This process would require relays to switch in/out those speakers and numerous rules. The ELK M1 TWA Two-way Amplified Interface would allow you the option to “Mute” specific groups of speakers using Rules. This perhaps would be a cleaner/neater solution without the need of external relays.

    M1 Installer

    Thank you for the reply. If I follow the instructions here to convert the speaker level to line level and feed it into a whole home audio system, can I simultaneously (in parallel?) run speakers from output 1?

    ELK Tech Support

    Yes, you can still connect Speakers to Output 1 as well as use a Line Level Converter. If you do not want to breadboard the circuit Russound offers the ADP- 1.2 Amplified Speaker to Line Level converter for a neater/cleaner installation.


    I used a line level converter on Output 1 and it has worked great. I now have that output going through a line level converter to a 4 input mixer and then to a PA amplifier.

    Don’t forget power backups across all of these devices to maintain notifications. I found 12vdc components on Partsexpress.com and backed it all up with an Elk power module and power distribution module.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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