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    Craig Williams

      I have a remote Elk M1KP2 (addressed) key pad for a back door, the system has worked for 5 years without this issue.

      Anybody having this issues, seems to have just popped up out of the blue.

      Brad Weeks

        Does the keypad display Keypad Addr #2 Lost COMM? If so then this keypad has lost communication to the M1 Control. Double checking the wiring at the keypad and the M1 and perform the Bus Module Enrollment

        Craig Williams

          <div>Good morning</div>
          <div>Thank you for your prompt response to my question</div>
          <div>The key pad only displays a “Key Pad No Comm” doesn’t include the address.</div>
          <div>This Key pad is keypad located at the backdoor.</div>
          <div>The system was installed 5 years ago, this is the first technical issue that I be had.</div>
          <div>Should the Key Pads address show on the display? If not, would that indicate the the address is lost?</div>
          <div>If lost, would I need to “reprogram the address, connect my laptop to the panel & reenroll same?</div>
          <div>Wiring is good, any suggestions would be appreciated.</div>
          <div>Thanks & Best!</div>
          <div>Craig Williams</div>
          <div>Cell: 336-457-7856</div>

          Brad Weeks

            If the keypad is displaying Keypad Loss Comm but is working as expected then there is another keypad on the system that has lost communication to the M1.

            Craig Williams

              I was finally able to get access…I checked the main lobby key pad address 1

              It has been removed, I called the owner he came out…have me the kep pad also handed me a capacitor…I don’t know if it just “popped” out of the circuit board or what happened. I checked the circuit board, it looks like it may C19 it’s smaller than the other Capacitors.

              I am going to order a replacement…if I had a schematic & could confirm the socket location, figure out the polarity I would try to resolder the capacitor. Not sure if this is the cause or if it’s a coincidence.

              Any thoughts?

              Thanks for your patience!





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            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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