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    Robert Du Gaue

      Let me clarify,

      I suspect I know the answer, and that I’ve “fried” both modules…. While troubleshooting, and without my glasses, I was shorting contacts trying to figure out what was triggering an announcement that my driveway gate was operating. I accidently touched the 12v+ to a databus lead. I saw both boards momentarily go off, and my keypads started beeping with missing modules. The boards are remote in my garage so powered there, which at least did not affect the boards in my laundry room where the ELK-M1Gold is located.

      So anyways, both board’s LEDs blink 3 times now. I’ve power-cycled everything with no luck. The tell-tale sign the M1XOVR is probably dead is the “burned” electronic smell. But the M1XIN doesn’t have that. I’ve removed the the M1XOVR from power/bus, but the M1XIN still comes up immediately with 3 LED blinks.

      So I guess I’m buying new boards. These boards are about 12 years old. I noticed photos of the “new” boards on distributer websites have the power/database connectors distinctly separate now from the row of contacts/relays. Is that a new design? To prevent this “oops” or are those older pictures? Ether way, I did it and now I’m paying for it. 🙁


    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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