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    Randy Presley

      M1ZTRS-v2 is connected to zone 11 on main board, it reads 78 Deg all the time. In ELK RP status reads normal however the State changes between (Open+13.7, Short-0.7,Open+1.3,Short-13.7,Open+13.7,Short-0.9)  randomly approx. every 4 seconds. Led on M1ZTRS flashes amber 4 times pause 3 times pause 1 time pause 1 time then repeats. Have looked thru web sight trying to find  a trouble shooting guide, I am assuming the flashing is a code of some sort.

      Brad Weeks

        It is normal to see the State change from Open to Short and the LED on the M1ZTS to flash while sending data. For the configuration of Zone 11 33 = Temperature, Type 2 = Normally Open, the only Attribute checked should be “FAST LOOP RESPONSE. In Globlals G06 – G10 the Fast Loop Response Time should be 40 milliseconds

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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