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    Robert Scott Tyler

      When I changed my IPS provider in Brevard NC I lost communication with the central station (Alarm Relay).  I discovered that the new provider used CGNAT IP public address protocol which does not allow port forwarding.  They have agreed to assign me a Static public address and my router will be set up with DNS port forwarding using port 3061, as directed by the central station.  The new  internet service provider also mentioned “To switch you to a public static IP we would need the MAC address of the device you intend to have the static IP (Router, Firewall, etc.) assigned to.  We’d then assign the IP to your account and bridge your antenna.  You’d leave the device you’re connecting in DHCP so it would pull the static IP from our DHCP servers with a MAC reservation.”  Currently, without the Static IP address enabled the Router shows the ELK panel as being “offline”.  When the port forwarding is set up with the central station and enabled by my IT guy, will the ELK panel show up on the Router as “online” and automatically reconnect with the central station.  An Alarm Relay support technician will be on the phone when this is done.

      My Problem is that the owner of the security company who installed the ELK panel and M1ToGo remote access passed away and his small company went out of business and it is difficult to find a security company willing to service the panel since they all want me to sign up with them for monitoring.  The monitoring issue has complicated things because, after I switched IPS providers in Charlotte, I have the same IP public address problem in Charlotte with the same ELK Panel and that installer also passed away.  And the same “we have to monitor your system” response (the second home is also with Alarm Relay) is what I get with security companies.  I must be bad luck.   Any suggestions?

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