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    Scott Kopald


      I had a C1M1 communicator installed on Monday.  Since then, it has been constantly logging two events that show in the History screen of the ElkLink Portal.

      It is showing two events – Alarming and AlarmMem –  and since Monday, there are 669 of these events.  I’d post a screen shot but can’t figure out how to do that here.

      There is nothing showing in the M1 log, and no signals are being sent to the Central Station for these events.  Actual alarms and system tests are getting to the CS as normal.

      Any ideas on what is going on with the C1M1 device or the ElkLink Portal?  Also, any way to get the correct time zone set in the portal?


      Brad Weeks

        Are you looking at log from the ElkLink Mobile APP on your phone or elklink.com or other? In the C1M1 LOG is see 27 entries stating on 2/27 with an entry today 3/1 Periodic RF Test



        Scott Kopald

          Hi Brad,

          I”m seeing these events in the ElkLink.com portal web page, not on the mobile app.  If I filter for Alarm events and set the start date to 2/26/2024 (the installation date) I see 670 events either Alarming or AlarmMem.  I tried to attach a screen shot but can’t seem to do that in the forum.

          Scott Kopald

            I think you’re seeing legit communicator activity for all the CS tests and the regular comm tests since installation in those 27 events.

            Also, the time stamps in the portal are not in my time zone.  Is that correct?

            Brad Weeks

              Time Stamp is GMT.

              Scott Kopald

                Roger that, good to know.

                Any idea on all the alarm events?

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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