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    Aaron Lindner

      I did the unthinkable and upgraded my M1 Gold and XEP and now they no longer can connect.  I upgrade ElkRP from 2.037 to 2.0.40 prior to doing these upgrades.  The ElkRP finder can find the XEP as well as M1XEP Diagnostics Utility.  At one point I saw a TLS error, but now I cannot recreate that.  The trace data seem to not correlate with traffic when I try to connect.  I can ping it just find and using keypads everything from the M1 seems normal.  It is just the ethernet communication.  I have reinstalled ElkRP, rebooted and power cycled the M1 and XEP numerous times without any behavior differences.

      I’m on the latest ElkRP version (2.0.40).

      M1G is hardware version 0.13
      Boot Version:3.3.6
      Firmware Version: 5.3.30

      The XEP Trace is:
      10:04:53 TCP SendUnkPkt 16XK52041030406241100075
      10:05:12 TCP Query ElkServer, Count = 10
      10:05:22 TCP SendUnkPkt 16XK22051030406241100077
      10:05:42 TCP Query ElkServer, Count = 10
      10:05:52 Discovery Received request
      10:05:52 Discovery Sent reply
      10:05:53 TCP SendUnkPkt 16XK52051030406241100074
      10:05:54 Discovery Received request
      10:05:54 Discovery Sent reply
      10:06:22 TCP SendUnkPkt 16XK22061030406241100076
      10:06:53 TCP SendUnkPkt 16XK52061030406241100073
      10:07:10 TCP Query ElkServer, Count = 10

      Output from M1XEP Diagnostics Utility:

      Name: <redacted>
      MAC Addr: <redacted>
      IP Addr: <redacted>
      Secure Port: 2601
      M1XEP serial port OK: Yes
      M1XEP has initialized: Yes
      DHCP: Yes
      Pri DNS:
      Sec DNS:
      Non-secure Port: 2101
      AMX Beacon: No
      Email Server: <redacted>
      Email Port: 587
      Email From Addr: <redacted>
      Email Username: <redacted>
      Email POP before SMTP: No
      DDNS Server: (IP)
      DDNS Username:
      DDNS Hostname:
      DDNS Email To:
      DDNS Email on Change: No
      SNTP Server: pool.ntp.org (URL)
      SNTP Update Time: 01:52
      SNTP Time Zone: GMT-6.00
      SNTP Email on Errors: No
      Bootware Version: 2.0.4
      Application Version: 2.0.48

      Thank you for any help you can provide.

      Brad Weeks

        In ElkRP2 under Setup, Options, Network Adapters in the dropdown you should see the IP of your PC on the Local Area Network which based on the Gateway should be a 192.168.10 xxx and the M1XEP should be at 192.168.10.yyy — is that what you have?

        On the Account Detail Screen:

        • System URL/IP should be the M1XEP at 192.168.10.yyy
        • Port 2601
        • Connect Non-Secure should NOT be checked
        • Try the Connection again

        If unsuccessful set the Port to 2101 and check the Connect Non-Secure and try the connection again

        Aaron Lindner

          I did both same thing.

          Hadn’t considered HA was constantly pinging at it because of the new TLS version and that would prevent ELKRP from connecting.  After stopping and then fixing HA seems like all is well again.

          Thanks much for quick response.

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