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    Bruce Cowan

      I am experiencing an issue with my M1 system that I have successfully used for many years.

      I program the M1 and M1XEP using ElkRP2. This includes wireless zones. The system appears to be fully functioning as expected.

      When I connect to the system, ElkRP2 reports there are conflicts with the “Wireless Setup”. Viewing the differences indicates wireless zones 17 and beyond are “NOT Enabled” in the system and the database (even though I am sure they are functioning).

      After closing the “View Differences” window, I send the checked item (Wireless Setup) to “the system”

      Everything then looks OK. Status on all zones is normal.

      If I reconnect later, I receive the same conflict errors.

      Why does this keep repeating?

      Brad Weeks

        Please make sure you are running ElkRp2 version 2.0.40 . Which Wireless Receiver(s) are you using (M1XRFTWM, M1XRF319, M1XRF2H) and what is the firmware in the M1 System. You may have to create a New Default Account , create your Wireless Groups then assign a Name, Definition, Type 0=EOL/RF and under Wireless Setup check the “ENABLED” box for the First Zone in Each Wireless Group, Connect to the system and Receive ALL (make sure to RECEIVE ALL) from the system..

        Bruce Cowan

          Thank you Brad

          I am running ElkRP2   v2.0.34 for Windows

          My receiver is a M1XRFEG (I believe you now call the M1XRF319)

          The M1G firmware is v5.2.4

          I have been running this for a number of years with no issues.  I have make a few minor programming changes (rules mainly) over the past year and possibly something got bunged up.

          I will follow your suggestion re creating a new default account

          On another note I am having issues with my system sending emails.  I will create a new thread called “Issue sending emails”




        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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