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    JD van der Werf

      My M1G is no longer recognizing the 30 sec entry delay and 15 sec dialer delay. The alarm is getting triggered immediately when opening any of the doors. This started happening after I switched from a windows 7 PC (with a burned hard drive) to a windows 10 PC.  I’m using ElkRP using M1XEP over LAN connection. Downloaded the settings from M1G to the PC and made small changes.

      Connection to monitoring company is through VOIP phone line.

      The M1EXP is used to send emails and text messages and connect to ElkRP software.

      The connection via the M1EXP is working fine.  M1EXP has version 02.00.42

      From RP screen:
      Hardware version 0.13
      Boot version 3.3.6
      Firmware version 5.2.4

      M1G control 5.0.40

      ElkRP version 2.0.40

      When checking for updates I see M1G application 5.3.10 and M1G bootloader 3.3.6 as available upgrades that I was able to download but not clear how to install them.

      How to I get my system to function with the expected entry and dialer delays?

      JD van der Werf

        This issue is resolved. It was caused by changing the motion sensors from 01 Burglar entry exit 1 to 04 Burglar interior. I assumed this would help with the Stay mode so that the alarm doesn’t get triggered when we leave the Roomba vacuuming the house when we leave.  I reversed the setting back to 01 and it is back normal. Any insight in how to get the Stay mode to ignore the motion sensors is welcome.

        Brad Weeks

          Zones programmed for 04 Burg Interior or 05 Bur Interior Follower do not respond when the system is armed Stay, Stay Instant, Nite or Nite Instant. Refer to page 30 of the M1 Installation Manual for a description of the Zone Definitions and the the “Quick View of Arming Modes” for more information.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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