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    Jerry Young

      When I open the ElkConnect app and locally discover the E27 panel, I then enter my installer code. A loading screen happens and then an error shows up on the screen where I am supposed to find the network I want to connect to. It says “Operation failed 11009 MISSING”, I then click the “Ok” button and the error message pops up over and over again. Any way to fix this yet?

      Michael Burrell

        Can you connect a LAN cable as a temporary connection to allow connection to the panel? You will need to be sure to remove the Wi-Fi module to allow the LAN cable to function. Then check the info page in the system settings to confirm the firmware version. We have improved the Wi-Fi AP scan and set up in firmware 4.52.

        For reference, the error “Operation failed 11009 MISSING” is an indication it failed to see SSIDs during its scan for Wi-Fi networks. We will improve that error message.

        If you have questions regarding updating the firmware, I am happy to provide some instructions.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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