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    Scott Shultz

      I have an M1G with an internet only C1M1

      originally i had a XEP but it quit so the c1m1 is temporary

      Everything was working (free app, comms, RP) until the AV guys changed the router. As i understand it that should not affect anything with a C1M1. now i keep getting event 1130 fail to comm trouble

      i can still use RP and elk link as an installer but the elk link app is not working.

      also what is the best way to remotely send a signal to the CS?

      thank you for your time

      Brad Weeks

        Failed To Communicate indicates the M1 System attempted to send a signal to the Central Monitoring Service but did not receive the Acknowledgement (kissoff) from the Central Station Receiver. This message will continue to display unit the a signal is sent and the M1 receives the Acknowledgement from the receiver. In the M1 LOG what was the event before the Failed To Communicate entry?

        Scott Shultz

          figured it out after consulting with the local IT guy, you guys and the Central Station.

          the events that were trying to transmit: Ethernet unplugged, then timer tests. (keep in mind this is lan only comm) The weird part is that all the signals were showing up in the central station except for the fail to comm.

          talked to elk tech support and he said only reason for the fail to comm would be a failure on the primary OR BACKUP. so i called the CS to check my primary and backup IP addresses. XXX.XXX.XXX.XX1 number off. boom its fixed.

          though i am still having trouble connecting via proxy and RP but i can live with that. (works only sometimes)

          THANK YOU ELK TECH SUPPORT AND YOU GUYS FOR RESPONDING. Dont work hard. work smart.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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