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    Gordon Larsen

      I am having trouble updating my M1G to M1G_5.3.14.  The update erased the EEPROM, and all attempts to reprogram fail.  The failures occur at different points in the process each time, sometimes at 1%, sometimes at 95%.  I have tried both secure and non-secure connections to the M1XEP, two different PCs, both running RP 2.0.40.  Boot firmware is at 3.3.6, on hardware 0.13.  Previous firmware level was 5.3.10

      The error is: “Error programming flash memory.  System may not operate unless flash programming is successfully completed”

      I have also tried resetting power on both the M1G and the M1XEP to no avail.  Anyone have any suggestions as to what a resolution may be?

      Brad Weeks

        Use a direct USB to RS232 Serial connection to the M1 and try updating the Firmware.

        Gordon Larsen

          Thanks.  Actually, I found the issue to be a flaky wi-fi adapter on my laptop.  Switched to a wired connection and problem resolved.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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