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    Malcolm Johnson

    I am trying to set up emails sent from M1 to my gmail account.  When I test I find that they don’t go through but I get a warning saying that an attempt was made to access my account from a less secure site.  I then set gmail to allow access to less secure accounts and then the emails came through.  However I don’t want to keep that setting in gmail against their security warning.  I just updated all of my firmware and software to the latest M1 and RP2 versions.

    Jerry Galu

    I had a similar problem had to research what port would work. I found that 465 and server address with your user name (email). My only issue with using gmail is it sometimes delays the notification so looking for some other free service.

    Malcolm Johnson

    Jerry, Thanks for the reply.  However I have been using 465 and that gmail smpt.  An email gets set to my gmail address but I can’t open it.  Google send me the following message:


    Someone just used your password to try to sign in to your account from a non-Google app. Google blocked them, but you should check what happened. Review your account activity to make sure no one else has access.


    If I change the google settings to allow non secure emails, which Google doesn’t recommend, then the emails do come through but I don’t want to leave that setting.

    Bruce Cowan

    I use gmail with no issues

    here is my configuration using elkRP2 application:

    1) select “M1XEP Setup” from the top level page

    2)under the “TCP/IP” tab
    specify the DNS addresses (to resolve “” set in the next step)
    enter your ISP’s primary and secondary DNS server IP’s
    secure port: 2601

    3) under the “Email” tab
    Server URL/IP address:
    “From” email address: your
    Port: 465
    Username: your gmail account user name
    Password: your gmail account password
    enter email messages in boxes below


    Bruce Cowan

    I believe the message you received from Google is just a warning.

    was there any option for you to approve the access from the “non-Goggle app”?

    Bruce Cowan

    and I should add that I have enabled access from “non-Google” apps.   part of the risk I suppose

    I only use a specific gmail account for M1 messaging and use a very secure password


    Malcolm Johnson


    Thanks for the tip.  I think  you have the solution for me.  I had set up M1 as you described and I did approve access to non-google apps.  When I did that, the emails came through to my account.  But I changed that access because of the warning.  I will set up a separate gmail account and send them from that instead to see how that works

    Mal Johnson

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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