Is ElkRP2 Windows 11 compatible?

M1 Support Forum Is ElkRP2 Windows 11 compatible?

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    Joel Anderson

      Are there any compatibility issues we should be aware of with ElkRP2 and Windows 11 before we upgrade from Windows 10?

      Brad Weeks

        At this time ElkRP2 has not be tested for Windows 11 compatibility. If you do decide to test I would suggest making a backup of your elkaccts2.mdb and ops2.mdb files before updating to Win11

        Joel Anderson

          Repeating my query after almost a year:

          Are there any compatibility issues we should be aware of with ElkRP2 and Windows 11 before we upgrade from Windows 10?


            I keep a Windows 10 virtual machine just for the specific purpose of running the ElkRP2 application.

            You might consider doing something similar to just in case (JIC) you encounter issues under Windows 11


            Of course, always backup your database, as suggested.

            William Turner

              While not supported, I have it working great with Windows 11 Arm64 in a VM with Parallels Desktop on my M1 MacBook Pro.     If it’ll work unofficially with Windows 11 ARM64 edition, I’m sure it’ll work fine with Windows 11 on Intel processors no problems at all.

              Joel Anderson

                I did finally upgrade from Windows 10 to 11 using the straight-forward upgrade process.

                So far, no issues.

                It bothers me that this is not officially supported.

                Kevin Wilson

                  I’ve been running RP on Windows 11 (upgraded from 10)  for several months.

                  I happy to report no problems.

                  Michael Burrell

                    Updating this tread as it was referenced in an email.

                    We have tested and continue to test ELK-RP2 version 2.0.40 with Windows 11. We have not encountered any issues.

                    Here is the version of Win 11 we utilize for testing.

                    Edition Windows 11 Pro
                    Version 21H2
                    Installed on ‎1/‎28/‎2022
                    OS build 22000.978
                    Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22000.978.0

                    Although we are not able to verify all builds of windows or specific configurations, we can state that we see no issues or incompatibilities with utilizing Windows 11.

                    Rodney Harris

                      Hello all:

                      I recently installed RP2 on a Windows 11 laptop.  It initially connected successfully to the M1XEP, but then lost connection after a few minutes.  On attempting to reconnect Win 11 gave a warning that Win 11 firewall was preventing a connection, and would I allow access through the firewall.  After allowing access the connection worked as normal.

                      My system is M1Gold and M1XEP, both on a static IP address, (can’t see how to determine firmware version for M1XEP)

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