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    Bob Hoevenaars

      <h1 class=”fl-heading”>Is There Any Way To Use M1 To Go App As A Keypad? I.E. Is There A Wall Mounted Window Touchscreen That Can Be Used For This Until Elk Manufactures One Around 7″ Screen.</h1>

      Brad Weeks

        M1ToGo is a PC based software that needs the following requirements:

        • Supported Operating Systems (PC): Windows XP Home & Pro (Service Pack 3) , Server 2003, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
          Not compatible with Windows Mobile Operating Systems
        • Requires Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.0 or later

        If your device meets these requirements then you can use M1ToGo for controlling the security as well as home automation features for the M1 System

        Bob Hoevenaars

          Hi Brad.  I don’t have anything yet and was wondering if someone else has an actual product that works.  Like a POe wall mounted screen


          Terry Lockhart

            Hi Bob,  I am still very new to ELK and have the same question so I did find that RTI has a driver for the M1.  Since we are already using RTI, I grabbed one of the KX7 touch panels and XP3 processor.  I have it talking to the M1 and am in the process of setting up the interface along with other automation and AV functions for our ‘test’ system.  So far it is going well, just need to have more time to work on it.  Hope that helps.  TL

            Bob Hoevenaars

              Thanks Terry

              Yes please let me know how it works.  I am looking for having something like this to replace an HAI system keypad that was a 7″ touchscreen.

              Shaun Glazier

                Terry, any update on the RTI integration with ELK? I am also looking for HAI 7″ wall mount replacement options.


                Terry Lockhart

                  Thanks for the reminder Shaun.  We were able to use the RTI  XP3 Controller with a KX7 touch panel to interface with our M1Gold.  As yet we haven’t done anything fancy with it other than just arm/disarm.  Natively it allows you to see your zones as well as any trouble states.  We will continue to toy with it as time allows.   From the main screen  we just have an icon for the security (shield) and that takes you to the keypad screen.  From there you can side scroll to the right to see the status pages (2).  That’s all we have for now.

                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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