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    Tom Leffingwell

      Given that Lutron has removed support for telnet (and serial) in Homeworks QSX,  and also removed it in the recently announced RadioRA3, is Elk planning on a module that supports Lutron’s LEAP integration protocol?

      John Eubanks

        +1 Very interested in knowing if Elk is planning support for HomeWorks QS and Ra 3 processor integration.

        Alan Mellovitz

          +1 I agree RA3 integration with Elk would be fantastic. Although if Elk already works with Caseta and RA2 Select (via M1XSLC) which use the Lutron Leap protocol (as well as RA3), then shouldn’t RA3 integrate already? I have not yet tried. Thanks All.

          Austin Rutherford

            I am also interested in understanding if ELK can support/integrate with Lutron RA3 . Does anyone have any updates?

            Bryan Johnson


            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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