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    M1 Installer

      I’m having an issue with my Elk M1 system. I’m trying to setup central station monitoring via IP. Monitoring comapny gave me all details what I need to setup on my side and I did it. I sent them screenshot of the setting I did on my side and they confirm all are set correctly however they saying they’re not getting any signal from our system.

      I can connect with the RP software over the local LAN. I can also test email, DDNS, and the time server connections. All work.

      Thanks in advance!

      ELK Tech Support

        Please make sure your Central Station has either the DSC Surgard III or OH 2000E Internet Receiver and the M1XEP is running Firmware 1.3.8 or later.

        M1 Installer

          Central Station is using DSC Sur-Gard and and our M1XEP is using newest 2.0.30 firmware version .

          M1 Installer

            Cleared the Central Station information, re-entered, Sent to the M1XEP allowed the M1XEP to reboot seems to have corrected the issue.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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