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    Amrik Dhillon

      I am relocating one of my M1 Gold to another site, However I do not remeber any of the passwords. The ELKRP that I was using, I can not get into into it (I do not remeber the PWD), hence I have deleted it and am going to start from the begining.

      I need to totally reset my M1 Gold to factory default, so that I may start the programing from the begining.

      Please advise how to reset everything to factory default settings




      d miller

        Buy a new one.

        Brad Weeks

          From Keypad Programming you can Reset the M1 back to Factory Settings “EXCEPT” for the ElkRP Access Code. The only way to change or view the ElkRP Access Code is while connected to the M1 using the ElkRP2 Software. In a worst case the M1 can be sent back to ELK (through your Authorized Distributor) and the board can be factory defaulted for a fee. Contact your Distributor for the cost to factory default.

          From the Keypad:

          • Press the ELK key and screen should display 1-Veiw/Control Automation Fncts
          • Press the 9 Key and screen should display 9-Installation programming
          • Press the Right Arrow Key and you should be prompted “Auth Required Enter a Valid PIN” — Factory Default is 172839
          • Screen should display 01 Bus Module Enrollment
          • Type 07 and Press the Right Arrow Key
          • Screen should display G01 Telephone Remote Control
          • Type 45 screen should display G45-Defatult Control
          • Press the Right Arrow Key and Type 99
        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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