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    Drew Dakin

      I am working with an M1 with M1KP2 keypads and have somehow got the system stuck in a loop. Keypad says “exit when done. Key is 18″ if I press exit is says ” keypad rebooting” then “keypad bootloader” and I get the same thing over again.

      I can press left or right to get “F1 set address”, “F2 Adj temp”, “F3 erase app”, “F4 bootloader”, but they all result in a reboot and get the same thing.

      If anyone can help me get out of this I would greatly appreciate it.

      I should mention this is my first Elk system install but am not a noob with these type of systems (I’ve done DSC, and am a Crestron programmer).

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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