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    Lawrence Kennette

      My ELK system just today started with “ETHERNET TROUBLE” on the display.  I put a ping on my M1EXP.  It looks like the network interface comes up for about 5 seconds and then the device reboots.  I notice the orange light on the M1EXP will go out for a moment and then back on.      This was installed back in 2013 and has been trouble free since, maybe a firmware update 5 years ago.

      I unplugged the serial from the M1G, still the same.  Also tried a new 12v power supply, same.

      What would cause it to constantly reboot?

      I was able to use the diagnostic utility to pull a few details during the seconds it is available on the network.

      Any ideas?   $470 replacement cost in Canada.

      IP Addr:
      Secure Port: 2601
      M1XEP serial port OK: No
      M1XEP has initialized: No
      DHCP: Yes
      Pri DNS:
      Sec DNS:
      Non-secure Port: 2101
      AMX Beacon: No
      Email Server: mail.gmx.com (URL)
      Email Port: 587
      Email POP before SMTP: No
      DDNS Server: (IP)
      DDNS Username:
      DDNS Hostname:
      DDNS Email To:
      DDNS Email on Change: No
      SNTP Server: 0.ca.pool.ntp.org (URL)
      SNTP Update Time: 00:00
      SNTP Time Zone: GMT-5.00
      SNTP Email on Errors: No
      Bootware Version: 2.0.2
      Application Version: 2.0.34



      Brad Weeks

        If the D6 LED located between the power connector and the RS232 connector is blinking off and then back on (may need to watch for 60 seconds) the M1XEP is rebooting due to internal issues and needs replaced

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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