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      Does anyone have a best practice to share regarding wiring and programming the M1G to use the ELK-110(v5) Voice Driver for separate Fire, Burglar and CO annunciations? Today, I have a Potter Signal VSD-208 Voice Siren Driver connected to Out2 of my M1. When the M1 gets a CO alarm, it sends a signal on Out2 that is interpreted by the VSD-208 as a burglar alarm. I want a separate alarm for CO. I’m thinking of buying the ELK-110 but, I don’t have a grip on how to make it work yet. I see how the M1 Out2 can be wired to BA+ and BA- of the ELK-110 but, that just gets fire and burglar. How do I wire/program for CO as well? If I make an M1 rule and wire an M1 Output to the CO input of the ELK-110, how will the ELK-110 deal with the fact that it sees a burglar alarm on BA+/BA- at the same time it sees CO? Is there a configuration on the M1 specifically to stop the burglar on Out2 and send CO on another Output? Or perhaps does the ELK-110 ignore the burglar alarm on BA+/BA- when it sees the CO alarm? Any Insight/experience is very much appreciated.

      Thank you.

      ELK Tech Support

        You will need to make the following connections and programming changes: * Connect the RED Wire of the 110v5 to constant +12 VDC. With a 8Ω load the 110v5 will draw 1.2 Amps and 800 mA if in Millimiser Mode. You may need a secondary power supply. * Connect the BLACK Wire of the 110v5 to the Negative of the power supply. If you do use a secondary power supply you will need a Common DC Negative between the Power Supply NEG and a NEG terminal on the M1. * Connect the BROWN Wire of the 110v5 to Output 2 “-” (Negative). * Output 2 Must be programmed as a Voltage Output — Globals G26 * Either connect the WHITE Wire of the 110v5 to an Output on J16 of the M1 (for example Output 16) or to the Normally Open N/O of Output 3 on the M1. * If you use Output 3 you will need to connect the COM to +12 VDC on the power supply. * Write your Rules Whenever the CO Alarm in My Home (Area 1) Turns ON Then Turn Output 16 ON —- At this point you can turn Output 16 On until another rule turns it off or have it timed Whenever My Home (Area 1) Becomes Disarmed Then Turn Output 16 OFF Output 2 on the M1 will turn ON steady for Burglar and Carbon Monoxide Alarms. A Fire Alarm will cause Output 2 to Pulse. If the 110v5 detects a Steady Input on the BROWN and WHITE Wire it will Speak the Carbon Monoxide Message and produce the Temporal 4 Buzzer Sound

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