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      Installing a new Elk M1G (but not my first Elk install). Can the M1KPNAV be sued as the initial keypad in the system? I have a M1KPNAV on the databus, physically next to the panel, along with several XIN expanders. The XIN expanders are on one branch connecgted to the panel, and the M1KPNAV on another branch: M1KPNAV (jumpered) —> Elk MG1 <—- XIN <—- XIN <—- XIN (Jumpered). No jumpers, except the two end devices.

      M1KPNAV is reporting “Waiting to connect to panel…” I’ve tried to enroll via ElkRP2. It finds the XIN modules, but reports KP at zone 01 as missing. There is no M1KP and does not find the M1KPNAV


        Can the M1KPNAV be used as the initial keypad in the system?

        Brad Weeks

          Yes, the M1KPNAV Navigator keypad can be set to address #1 and used as a primary keypad. Make sure when connecting the data bus from the M1 to the M1KPNAV Data A and Data B did not get reversed (Data A green wire, Data B white wire). Check to make sure you do not have a bad splice connection to the wiring harness. In your Bus configuration you have two home runs — One to the M1XIN’s Daisy Chained and the other to the M1KPNAV? With two home runs the JP3 Jumper on the M1 (above the M1’s RS485 Green Terminal block) should be removed.


            Thank you. Is there an “proper” way to unenroll / default the keypads  in ElkRP2? Is it simple a matter of deleteing the keypad from the folder tree in Elk RP2?

            Brad Weeks

              After physically removing the keypad from elkRP2 and Sending to the M1 you will need to perform the Bus Module Enrollment


                Thank you. Ends-up A&B was flipped, due to wire color convention being reversed. Didn’t matter, until the keypad was plugged into the bus

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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