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    Ray Polito

      When I click “Find” on the M1XEP Setup screen it generally does not find the M1XEP.  If I keep clicking on “Find”, one will show up.  When I try to connect to it, it won’t connect. If I keep hitting “search” on the “Find M1XEPs” screen, it shows up about one out of every 10 times.  It looks likes it can communicate, but is constantly dropping out. I tried a factory reset but that did not help.  My firmware version is 2.0.40.  Do you have any suggestions?

      Brad Weeks

        On the M1XEP Circuit Board between the Power and Serial Connection is the D6 LED which should be on solid. If that LED blinks off and back on the M1XEP may be rebooting. Check your power supply to make sure it is a constant 12 -14 VDC.

        Alain Agbogbodo

          I’m having issue to connect my M1XEP.

          Error message:Could not connect. possible reasons; port is not forwarded through the router. the IP address or URL is incorrect.The remote site is down.

          Brad Weeks

            Is this a new M1XEP or an older unit?

            • Open ElkRP2, click File, Click New Account
            • Account ID ————-create a name for the account
            • System Type ———– M1G or EZ8 depending on the system you will be connecting
            • Serial Number ——— Located on the board or through keypad programming Menu 9, 07 Global System Definitions, G43. The Serial Number is an 8 digit number starting with 0 for the M1 system and 4 for the M1EZ8 System.
            • RP Access Code ——– 246801 is Factory Default or if the RP Access Code has been changed you will need to enter the new RP Access Code
            • Click Default Account and select between the 5.x.x or 4.x.x Firmware Version. You would only need to select the 4.x.x if you have the actual GE/Caddx NX5xxxE Wireless receiver connected to J3 on the M1 or EZ8. Please confirm if there is a device connected to J3 on the M1.
            • Click OK and ElKRP2 will create a generic default account
            • For Local Area Network connection through the M1XEP in ElkRP2 click Setup, Options, Network Adaptors and use the dropdown to select the LAN IP for your PC and click OK
            • From the Account Detail Screen click the M1XEP Setup and click “FIND” at which time ElkRP2 will try to find the M1XEP on the LAN and return the IP Address. If found click “Use Selected”, click the TCP/IP Setting Tab to make sure the IP, Subnet Mask and Default Gateway information is correct and close the M1XEP Setup.
            • On the Account Detail Screen check to make sure the “Port to use for connecting” is set to 2601
            • On the Account Detail Screen check to make sure the “Connect Non-Secure” is not checked.
            • Click the Connection Icon on the Toolbar and Network.
            • If ElkRP2 connects the software will compare the information in the ElkRP2 Account vs what is actually programmed in the system and return these differences as “Conflicts”
            • Once Conflicts are found click OK and at the bottom of the screen in yellow will be the differences between ElkRP2 and the M1.
            • Click “Select ALL” and then click “Receive Checked Items into Database” —- PLEASE make sure to click “Receive Checked Items into Database. This process will retrieve the programming from the M1/M1EZ8 into your Database on your computer.
            • Once complete click Save
            • If making a Direct Serial Connection check in Windows Device Manager, Ports (COM & LPT) to confirm the Port Number assigned to your cable and check the Baud Rate or Port Speed is set to 115200
            • In ElkRP2 click Setup, Communication, Direct Connect and select the same Port number that Windows assigned to your cable and click OK
            • Click the Connection Icon on the Toolbar, “On-Site Local, PC Serial or USB Serial Converter to Device”.
            • If successful Conflicts will be found and you can resolve them by clicking “Receiving Checked Items Into Database”
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