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    Ira Broussard

      I tried to update my M1XEP firmware using the “Special M1XEP 2.0.34 Update Utility” so I could use RP2 from Windows 10, but its current firmware is too old (circa 2009). This M1 system has been sitting on the shelf since 2016, and has probably never had any firmware updates since I purchased all of it in 2009/2010.

      Fortunately, I still have the Windows XP Pro PC that I ran RP2 on (it’s been on the same shelf since 2016), and it still works, e.g., RP2 can connect/communicate with the M1 via the M1XEP. I haven’t tried updating the M1XEP firmware because I want to make sure I understand what needs to be done so that I don’t brick it. The XP Pro PC doesn’t have an internet connection, so anything I run from it will have to be loaded on it from a thumb drive.

      Current M1XEP Hardware version 1.0    Boot version 1.1.4   Firmware version: 1.2.14.

      RP2 version on XP Pro PC: 2.0.8       on Windows 10 PC: 2.0.40

      So which way is correct (or if both are, which way has the best chance of working)…

      1. Use RP2 running on the XP Pro PC to update the M1XEP firmware all the way to the latest version (2.0.48?) in a single update, or…
      2. Use RP2 running on the XP Pro PC to update the firmware to version 1.3.28, move the M1XEP to my LAN, run the “Special M1XEP 2.0.34 Update Utility” from my Windows 10 PC to get it to 2.0.34 (so I can access it from the current RP2 on my Windows 10 PC), then update it to the latest version using RP2 on my Windows 10 PC.



      Brad Weeks

        Using your XP computer you should be able to update the M1XEP to version 1.3.28 then update the Bootware to 2.0.4 so that you can update the Firmware to the latest. It would also be possible to update to 1.3.28 then run the Special M1XEP Updater Utility and get the M1XEP to version 2.0.38 before updating the Bootware to 2.0.4  and the Firmware to 2.0.48

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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