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    Jon Gonzales

      I have 7 M1ZTS installed on M1G input zones 1-7.  All are set for #33 temp, fast loop response and global loop response set for 40ms.  Only zone 1 is available (default display when in temp sensors) for selection/viewing on the keypad, no others can be selected.  I have validated M1ZTS’s are receiving over 13vdc of power, all have the same led indicator flashes. When I observe in RP current status,  all 7 zones have an open voltage of approx 13.7vdc and cycle between shorted .6vdc and back to open voltage reading.  What am I missing?

      Thank You


      Brad Weeks

        Are you using the M1KPNAV Keypad? If so press Menu, press Next Page, press Synchronize , press Start. Once complete then under Menu, Automation, Temperature Sensors see if temp sensors 1-7 show

        Jon Gonzales

          Yes using the M1KPNAV Keypad and all temp zones are displaying after following the sync instructions.  Thank you!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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