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    Stephen Miller

      It appears my M1 XEP has firmware that is corrupted.  It is pingable and I can telnet to it directly on port 2101 on to have every RS-232 API command responded with “08RP020034”.  From the M1G side, I can see that the XEP is not responding to the periodic XK pings.

      The “special XEP updater” tool can find the XEP on the network but erroneously reports the firmware is too old.  I know this not to be the case so I  believe the internal firmware has become corrupted.

      Is there a way to manually install the firmware using the port 21 custom FTP interface?  I know the username/passwd combo to be ElkRP/Program.  I don’t know anything beyond that for this mechanism.

      Any help appreciated…

      Stephen Miller

        I was able to ftp a new image.bin and rom.bin to the XEP using the ftp port but it appears all I succeeded in doing was rendering the unit “unbootable”.  It’s still pingable but it’s clearly not booting the images I uploaded and I’ve lost the FTP server as result.

        Question: will Elk reinstall images (presumably using JTAG) if the unit is returned for service or is this XEP hopelessly bricked?  Or, is there a procedure I can perform that’ll reinitialize the bootloader/last working image?  (I have a new XEP that’s in use but I’d like to rehabilitate this one to use as a backup if at all possible).


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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