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    Ira Broussard

      My plan is to have four enclosures in the house, each with its own M1DBH. M1DBH #1 will be wired to the M1 Gold (in the same enclosure). Can the other three M1DBH’s be wired with crossover cables directly to M1DBH #1, e.g., crossover cables plugged into J1, J2, and J3 on M1DBH #1, or must they be daisy chained with crossover cables, i.e., M1G -> DBH #1 -> DBH #2 -> DBH #3 -> DBH #4?

      Brad Weeks

        Yes you can Daisy Chain M1DBH’s together by connecting from the first Un-used port on the first to J1 on the second using a Cross-over cable. Please take a look at page 2 of the M1DBH Instructions for more details..


        Ira Broussard

          I understand I can daisy chain them, but does that mean I cannot connect DBH’s 2, 3, and 4 directly to DBH #1 instead of daisy chaining them?

          Brad Weeks

            No, you should not try to connect the M1DBH to a Port on another M1DBH Hub. For situations like this you may want to consider using the M1DBHR Data Bus Retro Fit Hub located at the M1 Main board then run a 4 conductor to your remote location and use the M1DBH in the remote locate to connect your bus devices. Depending on the distance from the M1 to the remote location you may need a separate power supply in the remote location. IF so then you will need to connect Data A, Data B and NEG from the M1DBHR to the remote location and connect your power supply to +12V and NEG on the M1DBH .

            Ira Broussard

              I think the M1DBHR is what I’m looking for, but I want to be sure before running any wires. Here’s the configuration…

              Box 1 contains the M1. I can put an M1DBHR in this box. It will also contain an M1DBH and all expansion cards in this box will go thru the M1DBH in this box.

              Boxes 2, 3, and 4 will all contain an M1DBH and one or more expansion boards. Each of these M1DBH’s will be wired to a data bus branch on the M1DBHR in Box 1 (each M1DBH will be on its own branch).

              Expansion boards, keypads, etc. can all be plugged into one of the M1DBH’s.


              Do I plug a RJ45 termination plug in the first unused jack on each of the four M1DBH’s?

              Can I use cat6 cable between the M1DBHR and the M1DBH’s? If yes, should I “pair up” the conductors or not use the extra four conductors in the cat6 cable? If no, what four conductor cable do you recommend, e.g., gauge, etc.

              I will keep in mind the possibility of needing separate power supplies.

              Brad Weeks

                Yes, you will connect the RJ45 terminating plug in the first unused port on each M1DBH. Cat5/6 should work using a single conductor for Data A, Data B and Neg

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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