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    David Schulze

      I have a new out-of-box E27 that will not connect to the Elk Connect Cloud service. I can connect locally.  Factory defaulted several times. Upgraded the firmware, Disabled CloudService, and enabled cloud service. Went as far as clearing my domain controller DNS cache and verified DNS entry. Also tried all of the cloud service options (Live P2P, Acceptance P2P and Sandbox P2P).

      IP address the E27 is attempting to Cloud connection to – P2p – –


      Michael Burrell


        What is the last four of your MAC address?


        David Schulze


          David Schulze

            The panel is magically online- What was the issue? Something related to the backend?

            Michael Burrell

              David this was an issue in the back end that impacted controls that were connected to a specific cloud server (we have several cloud servers) to not authenicate. We have addressed this issue and are adding measure to prevent and detect this quicker in the future.

              David Schulze

                Thanks Mike, and thank you for the quick resolution once I brought the issue to your attention.



              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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