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    jesse salzer

      idea for elk



      Is there any way ELK could think of and make a bell module panel.    The panel would have a 5 amp  Supervised Remote Power Supply

      in it and 5 cards that

      would be called a bell module card. The bell module card would work and be powered off  and send data off the data bus.  The module cards would be triggered  on on  the programable outputs from the ELK M1.  This module cards would have a 12 volt 5 amp output (((supervised  by EOL resistor))).  The module card would  have a relay that will open or close upon the card not seeing the resistor or a short on the 12 volt output.


      The bell module card would have bell power input that would take 12 volts from the power supply. –  (This power is only for powering the output.)



      It would be great if ELK could come out with this. I have many sirens for my home.  I like to keep my sirens supervised to make sure the wires have not be

      cut, damaged or shorted.  Right now I am using nac extender.  It does the job but it would be nice if I could have one from elk.




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