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    Marshall Burchard

      Hi there, I just added a M1KP2 keypad to my system, wired via Cat6 to M1DBH, other keypads (M1KPNAV and M1KPAS) are working fine, have new keypad set to address 5, no conflict there.

      New keypad displays the following:

      KP Addr-> 5

      Lost Comm.

      Then after awhile display scrolls through:

      KP Addr-> 5

      KP Ver. 1.0.20


      ELK M1 Control


      Not sure what that number is. Form is similar to the serial number of my M1G, but my M1G has a different serial number.

      Keypad is obviously getting power. Wiring issue? I wonder about stuffing the different wire sizes from the Cat6 and the keypad into those little crimp connectors that come with the keypad, but I think they worked OK for the other keypads. The new keypad came with a little jumper, the keypad instructions do not mention the jumper, but I assume you do not use with the M1DBH (which has the termination plug after all the bus devices (I just have the two other keypads and a M1XRF2H at address 2). Bit of a pain in the neck to undo the wiring to check continuity and then maybe rewire without those little crimp connectors, but is that what I should do next?

      Brad Weeks

        Please make sure to wire the RJ45 568A and at the keypad wiring harness:

        • Brown to +12V RED
        • Green and Orange to Data A Green wire
        • White Green and White Orange to Data B White wire
        • White Brown to NEG Black wire
        • Perform the Bus Module Enrollment either from ElkRP2 or a working keypad
        Marshall Burchard

          Thanks Brad. Turns out it was a continuity problem, I used the press-fit splice connectors provided with the keypad, regular pliers with a good squeeze didn’t do it for one of them, needle nose with a harder squeeze did the trick …

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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