Override stay mode when using a particular keypad?

M1 Support Forum Override stay mode when using a particular keypad?

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    Eric Benzacar

      I have an M1G system with 3 keypads connected to Area 1 of the system.  Area 1 is configured as “Auto Stay Mode after exit time if no violation”.  However, one of the keypads is setup outside Area 1.  So by definition, if they system is Armed from that 3rd keypad, there will not be any violation.

      How can I set up the system to allow for “Auto Stay Mode” if armed via one of the 2 keypads located within the Area, but alarm Area 1 as Away mode if armed from the 3rd keypad?

      I’ve tried creating a separate Area 2 for keypad #3 and then adding a rule that when Area 2 is armed to automatically arm Area 1 immediately, but the system still switches over to Stay mode if there is no violation of Area 1 after the exit delay expires.

      How can I create a rule/configuration which allows for Keypad 3 to immediately arm Area 1 to Away mode even if there is no violation during the exit delay?




      Brad Weeks

        The only solution would be under Areas to un-check “Auto Stay Mode after exit time if no violation”

        Eric Benzacar

          Thanks Brad.  I had somewhat come to the same conclusion but was hoping for something better.

          If I uncheck that option, is there a way I can recreate the behaviour using a rule?  I looked but couldn’t find any obvious way of detecting Zone change by type of Zone (ie entry/exit zone) to see if there was a violation during the Arm process.  Additionally, with multiple exit zones, I don’t even have the option of using a logical “OR” so not sure how I would handle this?

          The goal, of course, would be to recreate the behaviour of the option via a Rule so I can add additional logic to it.

          Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.







        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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