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    Keith Belt

      First time setting up E27.   Configuring a new RE27 installation. Logged in as installer and past PIN.  Am all connected, everything talking, can see sensors status, and have everything seemingly working fine on both PC and Phone App.  But PC and Elk Connect and phone App seem to not act the same.

      Can get to System Settings on phone, but not on PC.  When looking at subscription\panelon PC, that “System Settings” header is dimmed.  I still get a hand when I hover over it, but nothing happens when I click.  Under “Setup” I can see how options are set (e.g., “Enable Cloud Access: True”) but there’s no buttons to click to change them.  I can access all the above configration seyup on my phone, but not on a PC, although it presents like I should be able to.

      I’m assuming all the same features are available on PC ElkConnect as on a phone, right?  Or is that assumptiom incorrect?  Frankly, I don’t want to have to configure everything on my phone.  I’ve got some 30 input sensors to label and a 2-handed PC keyboard would be a lot easier than doing all that typing with my thumbs.  I realize everthing is an App these days, but I’d much rather sit at a table with a laptop-sized screen and a proper keyboard to do any of this.


      Michael Burrell


        The panel details in the web portal is essentially the system settings page in a “read-only” mode at the moment. However, you can change the panel name by clicking the edit button on the text box containing the panel name. This is a proof of concept to outline how system configuration will be completed through the web portal. When you’re programming the system, you interface directly with the panel, from the App and from the Web (when ready).

        We had to create a different method for the webportal due to how they operate very differently from the app when it comes to intefacting with the panel. The app can keep a consistent session open, allowing you to make and receive real-time updates. The web portal, however, has to rely on an upload-download method. We had to build a whole different configuration method for the web. We are in the process of creating full programming of the system from the web portal. We will gradually deploy different sections of programming as we build out the installer interface. You should see this starting to be implemented soon.

        Currently, the panel details page on is just used for gathering system information and for accessing the rules configuration.



      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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