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    Bob Westlake

      I want to replace a customers DSC system with Elk M1G. The have several Pella windows with built-in wireless sensors. They have a Alula Translator, model #RE524XP that integrates the Pella sensors to the DSC system. Elk is not on the “supported partners” list. Is there any way to use the Pella sensors with Elk?

      Michael Burrell

        Bob – It sounds as if the RE524x is working as a translator between the Pella windows and the DSC Panel. This is likely due to the mhz that the Pella windows were using is not compatible with the DSC control directly. We are not aware of the mhz that is native to the Pella windows, but that should be ok since the sensor dial should indicate that.

        To better explain I will be provide some details. The RE524x names transmitter frequencies by the manufacturer as opposed to the mHz they utilize. The DSC system utilizes 433mhz. The ELK M1G has to ability to receive 319.5 with the ELK-XRF319 receiver or 345mhz with the ELK-XRF2H.  319.5 mhz is referred to as Interlogix and 345 mhz is referred to as Honeywell on the RE524x.

        If you have a ELK-XRF2H installed on the M1 you will need to set the RE524x “Panel” dial to Honeywell.

        If you have a ELK-XRF319 installed on the M1 you will need to set the RE524x “Panel” dial to Interlogix.

        The “Sensor” dial on the RE524x will stay set to what it was prior as this will indicate what mhz the Pella windows are transmitting.



      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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